Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Hairdo Day and Lunch at Great China

I slept really well again last night. I got up just before 5:00 AM and dressed and got ready for the day. Bob will keep my car and go visit his sister, Betty, while I get my hair done this morning. I will pick him up here at 8:20, as usual.

After Kathy is finished with me and Bob comes to pick me up, we will go to Goodys and look around and maybe Walmart until Great China opens at 11:00.   After that, we will come home and perhaps I will get a pedicure. Karan told me they do a good job at Happy Nails here in town. We will see. I haven't had one since Leslie treated me to one a couple of months ago.

More later...

Both Missy and I have had our breakfasts and we are watching the news and weather.  According to the local weather we have no more rain in our forecast. I think we only got a tenth of an inch last night. That's not enough to do a lot of good.  We really need rain!

I texted both Denise and Dennis that the Cherokee Businesses are looking for a security guard. Dennis was wanting a job in security earlier and there were no openings. Now there is an opening. Maybe he will apply for that one.

My great granddaughter, Cheyenne's, birthday is Thursday. She will be five. She wanted a playhouse for her birthday and John and Leslie are building her one on their property. That will be so cute! I will try to share a photo of it.

 Here's the plan. I don't know how closely they will follow it but it is cute!

Looks like they have been working on it after dark. They are probably trying to get it finished before Thursday.

 More later...

Bob came over early and watched the news but left at 5:50 to go back home. Sycamore Landing was having a Valentine Day party.

I took my shower and watched TV with Missy until 9:00 or so when she and I went to bed.

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