Thursday, February 2, 2017

Thursday and Ministerial Alliance

I didn't sleep well again last night. I spent the evening trying to get Bob's e-mail configured and I simply couldn't do it. I have never had any trouble configuring mail before. This simply does not want to work. I finally took a Zzzquil about 2:00 to get some sleep.

I will attend Ministerial Alliance meeting at noon today. I worked all morning too still trying to get that  e-mail configured. I called Cox for help again and they put me on hold for fifteen minutes. I finally just had to hang up. They were running down my phone by putting me on hold. I talked to one of their techs last night and he gave me all the necessary components to put in. I did that...but still the e-mail won't work.  How frustrating!

Bob will be on his own for lunch today. He will probably eat with friends at Sirloin Stockade.

Missy is asleep behind me on the daybed. She sleeps a lot...even more then she did when she was younger. She will be 14 this month.

My younger son and his wife are in Ohio now taking care of some business. 

More later...

I attended the Ministerial Alliance meeting and it was very interesting. The chief of police spoke to us  about the difficulties in police departments anymore. It is especially hard to find officers when they are expected to police schools instead of the vice principal doing that job. Ours has instructed his men never to arrest a child for fighting in school, He said if that happened in his generation, half the men there would have gone to jail. That's a terrible experience to put a child through. Parents are in charge of teaching their children how to behave in school.  Many are not doing that job and that makes society rely on teachers and police officers to do that job.

More even later...  

Bob came over in the afternoon and did a load of laundry. He left at 6:30. I never did get his e-mail program to work. The rest of his programs are fine. I e-mailed Keith but he never got back with me. I don't know if he ever got it to work or not.  I got all the proper settings from Cox but still it doesn't work.

I took my shower and then fell asleep on the sofa watching TV with Missy. Finally I got up and went to bed but could not sleep because of thinking about that e-mail program. I tried to call Cox again this morning but I was on hold for 15 minutes and needed to hang up before my phone went down again.

Bob did get the little notebook sent off to Keith this afternoon. 

What a mess!

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