Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday and Leaves Again

I just took the Reporter over to Marilyn's and noticed that the wind has changed to the north and there are leaves all over the fourplex center again. I imagine my flowerbeds are full again on the east side of the apartment. Oh my! And it is cold again.  I will work up my courage to go look and take some photos again.  It's a never ending fight against the leaves.

I slept very well again last night. In fact, I didn't get up until 5:30.  I woke up twice during the night but the second time I took a melatonin tablet and got right back to sleep. I have fed Missy and myself and dressed, of course.  The bathmat I washed last night was not completely dry so I put it back in the dryer.

I will go to exercise class this morning. Afterward I don't know what the plan is. It will be too cold to clean up leaves again. It is 38 degrees again. It will get up to only about 50 degrees today.

We will eat our goulash for lunch today. Bob brought some garlic bread to eat with it and we have his salad and my green beans again. I still have the cupcakes I made on Monday. I will take some goulash to Marilyn too.

More later...

It wasn't as bad as I thought at first. If it warms up enough today I will get them cleaned up again this afternoon.

This is by my back door. There are a few leaves there but not so many I can't clean thm up again if the weather warms up this afternoon.

This next to my patio. Someone's trash is there too. There are a few leaves there alright but not enough that I can't  deal with them if it warms up enough.

This is over in the fourplex center and you can see Russell's new SUV parked there. There are a lot more leaves in the center then on the east side of my apartment.

This is over next to Russell's apartment. It could be worse. There are also a lot of leaves on my carport again too. I will need to clean those up or I will have leaves tracked into my apartment.

Oh well! As Scott, my younger son said, it is good exercise. If it warms up enough, I will get them cleaned up again.

More later....

I went to pick up Bob and go to exercise class after I took the sacks I saved to Genesis.  I have the goulash out of the frig now and will warm it up at 11:00. It's only 10:00 now though so I have a while.

So more even later...

The goulash was fact better then usual. We had the garlic toast  and green beans along with Bob's salad and for dessert we had two of the cupcakes.

I rested in the afternoon and didn't go anywhere or really do anything. I sure didn't rake leaves. It was too cold out. 

Later in the afternoon around 5:30, Bob came over and we watched the news and Brooks and Gershen on PBS.

He left at 7:00 and I took my bath and lay with Missy on the sofa until 8:00 when we both we both went to bed.  I was very tired.

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