Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Tuesday and Hair Day and Cakes

I have fed Missy, my cat, and myself and I am dressed and ready for the day.  I even have the cakes loaded into my trunk.

I will have to stop at the church to pick up Phyllis' cake and I want to pick up a piece of that tile in the foyer so I can go to Derailed Commodity and see how close I can come to matching it or getting a contrasting tile. Sue thinks she can get her son, who is a contractor, to put it in. Where the two slabs of cement come together, the cement has developed a crack and the tile breaks all along that break. There are 7 broken tiles. The kitchen has done the same thing. I think Randy Winebrenner, the man that laid it 19 years ago, should have put down an underlayment and did not.  He said you only use an underlayment where you have wood floors and since we have a concrete slab it wasn't necessary. Well, he was wrong. It has been replaced at least three times and it continues to break.  This may be a futile exercise.

I slept very well last night and got up at my regular time at 5:00.

First, when I get to  Independence, I will take Bob over to visit with his sister, Betty. Then I will get my hair done. After I pick him up, we will go to Derailed Commodity to look for that tile.

When I get home, I'll see what kind of mess the storm made of my yard and flowerbeds. I won't work on it again since my hair will be freshly done. I will just have to live with it for several days.

When it gets light I will take my camera and go survey the damage to the yard and take some more photos.

So...more later....

Sure enough..leaves in my flowerbed again. Sigh...

 I guess it could be worse. But I spent three hours raking and bagging the leaves yesterday. It's just an unending job. It was good exercise though. I have to look at it that way..

Even the south end of that flowerbed is full again.
More leaves near the raised flowerbed John made for me when I moved here.

I guess I will wait a few days to try to clean them out again. I am getting my hair done today and besides they are wet from last night's rain.

More later....

The wind was down this afternoon so I did rake and bag more leaves. I got one big bag from the east side. I will have to do the west side another day.

When I finished raking and picking up sticks from the storm, I went over to Wayne's and visited with him. Wayne is 96 and is very lonely.

Bob came while I was gone and started his laundry and checked his bank account.  After I got home, he came back.

After he left, I laid down with Missy for awhile and watched TV and also took a short nap.

Bob came back after 5:00 to watch the news here. When he left at 6:30, I took my bath and put my PJs on and watched TV until 8:00. I could not keep my eyes open any longer and Missy and I went on to bed.   I


Scott Miller said...

Well mom, ginger and I watched forefront about people living in Okinawa living way into their hundreds (more than any other place on the planet) and for two reasons, fish and plant based food and "EXERCISE"! Point? Raking leaves is a good form of exercise.

Margie's Musings said...

Yes, it is, son! I did it again today. I sure miss you two!

Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

LOL your son is too funny :)

Margie's Musings said...

Yes, he is! He always has been!