Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Tuesday and Cakes and a Hairdo

I slept well last night and got up about 5:15. After breakfast for Missy and myself, I will load the cakes into the trunk of my car. At 8:20, we will head out for Independence to deliver the cakes to the First Christian Church. Then I will have my hair done. It didn't do a lot of good last week with the wind and the rain. But I simply cannot do anything with it myself.

I'll work on this later. Right now both Missy and I are hungry. So, more later....

We have had our breakfasts and I have loaded the cakes into the car trunk. When we pick up Sue's at church, I will have to put it in the floor of the back seat. The trunk is full when Bob puts his in there.

After we get the hair done, we will probably kill some time at Walmart. Big Cheese doesn't open until 11:00. I can use a few things from Walmart. We are having tuna casserole tomorrow and I will need to get some tuna...unless I run over to the Dollar General store and buy a can. It's only a half block east of my apartment.  I may do that. That is all I really "need". The rest can wait until the 10th, when I get my social security this month.

More later.....

We got the cakes delivered and my hair down an then went out to the Independence Walmart. 

I waited till we got to Walmart in Independence to buy both noodles and tuna. Then Bob and I walked around downtown Independence after that and window shopping in one neat store.  Then we went to Big Cheese and ate our pizza. He bought!

I then took him home and came back home myself. It is warming up nicely here now and I may take Missy outside..if she behaves!

Steve came and mowed and trimmed this afternoon. The lawn looks great! He said he was giving Betty on a quote to mow every ten days instead of every two weeks.

Bob came over this evening to do a load of laundry and stayed for the news and one episode of Big Bang Theory.

I will take my bath when he leaves and get myself ready for bed and then watch TV with Missy until bedtime.

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