Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sunday and Presiding

I slept well last night. I could barely keep my eyes open until 9:00. 

Today I preside at church. Karan will be speaking. After church we will go over to "Just Us" for lunch. The three of us just love to eat there and they always save us a table. Maybe Karan will be able to go too. If Becky doesn't come to church, she will. Becky, Karan's stepdaughter, does not like to go to "Just Us". She has a 2:00 meeting every Sunday afternoon and she feels she has to rush to make it.

I had better work on this later. Right now Missy is hungry and wants her dish filled.

Well, I got us both fed and got my paper and read it and worked the crossword puzzle too.

I put Missy up on the daybed where she wanted to lie while I checked my e-mail. 

Bob just texted me that he just got his banana bread out of the oven. He will drive today and we will pick up Phyllis too. No sense in all of us taking a car. We could pick up Karan but if Becky comes and also eats with us, we would need to come back to the church to pick up Becky's car anyhow.

So more later...I'd better go over my notes now.

O.K. Church went well. Karan had a good sermon and afterward the four of us went to "Just Us" for lunch and had a good lunch.

Afterward Bob brought us all home and I did my congregational newsletters. They are all finished now and out on the mailbox ready to be picked up by the mailman tomorrow. I will lie down now with Missy and try to get a short nap.

More later....

Well, I didn't get a nap. I was finally able to discover how I could add more books to my Amazon book sales account.  I spent the rest of the afternoon adding a lot more books.  When I had finished, I learned I had sold one of them almost immediately. I made up a label and got the book ready to mail off tomorrow. 

Bob came in at 5:00 or so to watch the news and 60 Minutes. He left at 7:00 and I took my bath and Missy and I lay on the sofa and watched TV until bedtime.

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