Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday and No Exercises Today

I did not sleep well last night. I awoke at 3:00 AM and never could get back to sleep. I kept thinking about the mess that came out of my sweeper when I changed the bag yesterday.  I don't know how to attach the bag so it doesn't come off right after I put it on. It just has a tiny hole to slip over the tube that it attaches to and that does not stay on. The minute I sat the sweeper back up, it slipped right off the tube. So if I use the sweeper that bag will not stay on and I'll have another huge mess to clean up. Disgusting! And I can't leave the apartment this morning as long as the UPS man is coming....sometime today....when, I don't know.

What a mess! At 4:00 AM, I just got up. No sense just lying there wide awake.

More later....

I have fed myself and Missy and we tried to go out on the carport. It was too scary for her. So we came back in. The rain lets up for awhile and then begins again.  I have watched the weather and the news and there's really no new news.

Same old...same old.. with dozens of stupid commercials. There are eight in every commercial break. I am constantly muting them. Most are very stupid. I don't know who their advertising agencies are but they are not very creative. Most of us who have worked in advertising know the best commercials are with animals or children or are funny.  Straight auto and furniture commercials are so boring most of us just mute them. The only time most people pay any attention to them is if they are in the market for a car or furniture.

More even later...

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