Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sunday and a Trip to the Campgrounds

I will go to the church's campgrounds this morning. Sue called last evening and she and John want to ride with me. Neither of them is up to driving it. It will be good to have the company. Bob will not go.

I slept very well last night. I took a Zyrtec so that may some of the reason why. I didn't want another night like the night before.

I will get to see my eldest great granddaughter today. Sage will be with John and Leslie for a month. Leslie flew her back for a visit and to go to church reunion (camp).  Leslie is the financial manager again this year. She says this will be the last year she does that. She just wants to enjoy the camp and dealing with this year's camp director has been a major headache. She had to deal with her last year too. The woman is completely unorganized. Leslie is very organized.

We will leave about 9:00 this morning and stay until after lunch some time.

I have fed Missy and myself and taken my meds. I even took Missy outside for awhile. I need to water my flowers. Maybe she will come out with me again.

More later....

I got all my flowers watered and dead headed. I have an hour before I leave for the campgrounds. John and Sue need to get here first. They are to leave Neodesha at 8:00 to get here by 9:00.

They came early so we left early. We had a good visit with everyone.  There were some we had not seen for least three years....the last time I directed the reunion.

This is Sage, my eldest great granddaughter.  She is 13 and the one with the word "Anthony" on her shirt. They are reading the offertory statement at the campgrounds.

They couldn't get enough servers so I volunteered to help serve. Then we ran out of food before the servers got to eat.  They had 127 registered but there were 227 there for the Sunday dinner. So they had a hundred extras to serve.

I got back about 3:00 and saw Sue and John off for Neodesha. Bob will be over after awhile. He wanted me to let him know when I was back.

I texted him that I was going to lay down with Missy and he said he would come over at 5:30 instead.
When he came, we watched 60 Minutes and after he left at 7:00, I watched "The Nineties" on CNN.  At 9:30, I finally just gave up and went to bed.

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