Sunday, July 2, 2017

Sunday Church and Bar B Q Surprise Birthday Party

I slept poorly last night. I had leg cramps and feet cramps until after 1:00 in the morning. I finally got to sleep after that and slept until 6:00 in the morning.

I made the bed and got myself around for the day and fed myself and Missy.

I got my baked beans done and took Missy out for awhile. When Evelyn came out to get her car ready for church, she growled and wanted back in so I let her in. About 9:00 Bob came by to get me and we went to pick up Phyllis and went on to church.

We had a pretty good crowd by the time of the service. Here are Leslie, on the left, and Johnna, on the right after they were surprised by the birthday party. Leslie's birthday was yesterday and Johnna's is tomorrow. It was a real surprise to both of them. 

 Cyndi had the men bring the cake table out of the storage room and made the birthday women sit down and we sang Happy Birthday to them and gave them many cards. Cyndi had had that cake baked. After I left Leslie's last night, Leslie made another complete batch of her famous homemade ice cream for this party. 

This was the dessert table.  I wish I had a better photo of the tables Cyndi had decorated.

This is about the best I could do. Everyone was milling around and I just didn't get the photos I wanted.
The man by the door is my neighbor, Rick. He and his wife, Carmen came today again. The woman on the right is Cyndi who planned the party and decorated for it. The two small girls standing by Sue are my great granddaughters, Maia and Cheyenne. Maia is in red and Cheyenne is in the blue. They are seven and five.

When we got everything cleaned up, There was a lot of barbecued meat left. I had taken a lot of containers and I divided up all that meat and sent some home with everyone.

And after we cleaned up after the surprise party....which, by the way, we managed to pull off completely, was nearly 2:00. When I got home I did the Crossroads newsletters and got them off online and sent one off in snail mail.  Then at 3:00, I laid down with Missy and slept until 5:00. I must have really been exhausted. I did all the dishes...what there was.

More later....

Bob just texted me that he was not coming over. He ate too much and had a stomach ache.  So I will watch 60 Minutes by myself tonight...with Missy.

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