Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sunday and Coffecake.

I slept very well last night and woke up shortly before 5:00 and just got up.  I have made my coffeecake and got it iced and ready for the church school class. I also got myself ready for the day. I am presiding at church today. Bill is speaking.

Phyllis has gone to Kansas City so she will not be going to "Just Us" with us. Bob and I will probably go alone if Becky comes and attends with Karan. And, oh yes, because it was Karan's birthday this week, her son, Mark, is down here with her. They may come to church today. They undoubtedly will not go to "Just Us" with us.

I had a problem with google today. When I logged on to this blog, I had no access to it on either computer. So I checked out the desktop too. I was locked out of it too.

I may have to log on again with the laptop too. I will check that out now.

More later...

Sure enough! I had to sign in again to google on the laptop too. Someone had changed my password 19 hours ago. I am back on it now though.

I am driving to church today. I have the coffeecake and whoever has the morning treat, does the driving.

I need to get my offering ready.  

So More later....

I got that done and then tried to take Missy out for awhile. She did not want to mind so I finally just got my broom and pushed her back inside. Darn cat! It's 8:41 now and at 9:00 I will go get Bob.

So, more even later....

I picked up Bob and we went on to church. I took my coffee cake and the order of service and printed off the bulletins. The church school class went well. Bill did a fair job with his sermon. We had another visitor. His name was Mike and he sat with our Mike. This fellow's wife is in our exercise class. Right now she is in California and he is alone.

We went to "Just Us"  to eat. I saw my cousin there with her best friend.

After I dropped Bob off at his apartment, I came home to do the newsletters. So more later...He will come by to read the papers and pick me up for the Living the Questions group at Howard and Judy's tonight at 7:00.

So more later...

Bob came while I was baking a peach brown betty with the Porter peaches Vic brought me. They were beginning to ripen from laying out on the window sill. The dessert looked great and I took it to Judy's for the Living the Questions group meeting. They ate most of it.  I gave Bob three of the peaches I had left and he will have them for his breakfast in the morning.  I still have three. I am not sure what I will do with them but I will probably have to use them tomorrow.

Right now I just finished my bath and have my P.J.s on and am ready for bed. I am exhausted. I baked my coffee cake this morning before we left for church. Then I presided at church. After that we went to "Just Us" for lunch and after that I came home and did my newsletters and got them ready for the mail and then worked on my next sermon and the bulletin for it. Then Missy and I went out and she enjoyed the outside while I watered the flowers on the east side of the apartment.

Bob came over while I was baking the peach brown betty and after watching 60 Minutes, we left for Howard and Judy's home.  

He brought me home at 9:00. It is nearly 9:30 now and I had better go to bed.

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