Monday, August 21, 2017

Monday and Exercises

Today is supposed to be the solar eclipse. I will not watch it. I have no glasses and I have seen one once before when we lived in Bartlesville, Oklahoma  years ago. Maybe I will watch it on TV on the weather channel.

I took my last Zzzquil last night and had a good night's sleep. I will need to get some more today. I need a few groceries anyhow.

We will have tuna noodle casserole for lunch with peas and a salad. Maybe I will get some fruit for dessert. I still have cookies too.

After lunch I will bake my cake for tomorrow and ice it this afternoon. I will take the four of them to Independence tomorrow to the First Christian Church.  Phyllis and Karan will bring theirs over to me later today. When I pick up Bob tomorrow, he will have his.  I put them in the trunk of my car for the trip to Independence. I had neglected all of them for several days. The rose bush still looks good.

This morning I tore up the petunias in the above ground flower box. They were so leggy! I put them in a bag and trashed them. I watered the rest.  

Bob will be here in about 30 minutes to pick me up for exercises. So...more later...

Exercises went well. During lunch, Phyllis brought her cake over.  After lunch I went out to Walmart and bought $27.71 worth of groceries but forgot to get my Zeequil.  After lunch I went back out for that. It really helps me sleep and without it, there's doubt I could stay asleep. .

Today was the Solar eclipse. I didn't watch it. I didn't have any of those special glasses and didn't want to go to the college to get some. Besides we will only have 90% coverage anyhow. Instead, I baked my cake for tomorrow.  It's nearly 4:00 now.

More later....

Bob came over  at 5:30 and watched the news with me and after he left at 6:00, Karan came with her cake.

Now I will take my bath and put my pjs on.  At 9:00 I will go to bed.

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