Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Tuesday and Cake Day

I slept well again last night thanks to Zzzquil. I got up shortly before 5:00. I got myself ready for the day and fed Missy and myself. Now she wants to go outside but it's still dark out there and we will not go out until it gets light outside.

I will pick up Bob at 8:20 and we will go to Independence to deliver the cakes and then I will take him over to his sister Betty's home and go get my hair done. After I get my hair done, I will go out to Juanita's and balance her checkbook. After that, I will pick up Bob and we will go eat lunch at Big Cheese.

This afternoon I will wash the floors in the bathroom and kitchen. This evening at 6:30 I will give the invocation at the city commission meeting and then stay for the meeting.

I took Missy out for about thirty minutes but the trash truck is on our block now and she does not like that noise. So we came back in the house.

I watched Trump's speech last night. We have learned nothing from the Korean and Vietnam experience. Even though these wars are basically guerrilla warfare and we can't tell who the enemy is, we continue to involve America in them and also try to make them build a democracy. That sort of movement needs to come from the people themselves...not have it imposed on them by America.  It's always easy for the generals to wage wars. They aren't out there in the heat of the battle.

The primary reason why the terrorists hate us is not because of our political system. Lord only knows, Capitalism  is a mess.  It's greed driven. They hate us because we are considered infidels and we are on their Holy Land.  To their way of thinking we are defiling it with our presence.   Anyone who doubts this should read "Imperial Hubris" by Michael Scheuer.

Michael F. Scheuer  is a former CIA intelligence officer, American author, foreign policy critic, and political analyst.  One of his assignments during his 22-year career was serving as Chief of the Bin Laden Issue Station from 1996 to 1999. He also served as Special Advisor to the Chief of Alec Station from September 2001 to November 2004.

According to the author Michael Scheuer, the greatest danger for Americans confronting the Islamist threat is to believe—at the urging of U.S. leaders—that Muslims attack us for what we are and what we think rather than for what we do. Blustering political rhetoric “informs” the public that the Islamists are offended by the Western world’s democratic freedoms, civil liberties, inter-mingling of genders, and separation of church and state. However, although aspects of the modern world may offend conservative Muslims, no Islamist leader has fomented jihad to destroy participatory democracy. Instead, a growing segment of the Islamic world strenuously disapproves of specific U.S. policies and their attendant military, political, and economic implications.

I will load those cakes in the trunk of my car now.

More later....

We delivered the cakes and I took Bob out to his sister, Betty's home. Then I went on to the beauty shop.   Afterward, I went over to Juanita's house and balanced her checkbook. I also made out the check for her granddaughter's wedding gift and later after I finished everything, mailed it off. Then I picked up Bob for lunch. We went to Big Cheese.

When I got home I laid down with Missy and took a nap.

Tonight I will go to the senior center and ask the invocation for the city commission meeting.  I will stay for the meeting. It begins at 6:30 and should be over by 7:30.

So...more later...

The meeting should have been over at 7:30 but it wasn't over until 9:00. The commission is made up of five men....four of whom are so ignorant they have no conception of how to be a commissioner. They talk over one another and want to micro manage the city even though we have a city manager. They just can't let him do his job. It drug on and on. I have decided not to ever stay for the entire meeting again. It just frustrates me so badly. Obviously, the prayer did no good at all.

When I got home, I took my bath and a Zeequil and went to bed. Missy soon joined me.


susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

My son is in the Air Force. President Trump's announcement of more involvement in Afghanistan with a ("we want to keep troop numbers secret from our enemies") large increase in the number of American troops to be sent there, has me not sleeping at night. I am praying my son does not have to go back to Afghanistan. I think Mr. Trump's ideas about this may be different if he currently had, or ever had, any members of his family serving in the military.

Margie's Musings said...

He has had five deferments himself. So when he was personally of an age to go to war, he opted out. One of the advantages of being rich. Both my sons had multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. They are now retired.