Monday, August 14, 2017

Monday and Poor Sleep

This morning I awoke at 2:00AM  and went to the bathroom and never was able to get back to sleep. I finally just got up at 4:00AM. My sinus's are draining and I guess I will need to take a Zyrtec tablet or I will drown in my own juices. Maybe that will help.

Today I will go with Leslie to Tulsa. She needs to get her state birth certificate for her passport. In October, she and John are taking a Bermuda cruise. They went to Bartlesville to get that done last week but what she had was the hospital's birth certificate and she needed the one from the state of Oklahoma. So John got his but she will need to go to Tulsa to get hers. She didn't want to get it ordered over the phone like I did here in Kansas. Anyhow I am taking the trip with her. She will be by at 8:30 to pick me up.

I will wait another month until September to get mine for our cruise in June of next year. I had my car registration and tag to get this month and that took some of my extra money.  Last month I had my car insurance to pay and the insurance on the contents of the apartment.

I can't say I enjoyed the Living the Questions meeting last night. I may drop out of these meetings if Howard keeps insisting we use his DVD. None of us like it but he is determined to use it. It is John Dominic Crossan lecturing on the situation under Roman domination in the day of Jesus. I can just take so much of Crossan and evidently the others, all but Howard, feel the same way.

I dropped out of the PINCH organization for similar reasons. Howard is obsessed with social justice issues but I cannot get all that excited about one person attempting to change an entire society. It takes a movement to do that. And it takes years. Just think about Martin Luther King and his movement. His got him killed eventually just as Jesus's got him killed. The status quo doesn't like to be challenged. I say Capitalism is greed driven and if you think about it, that is true. The rich and powerful are not going to let anyone change the status quo. I just continue to write my letters to the newspapers around here because I realize that does get their attention. I am reaching their constituency.

It may not do any good but it makes me feel better about addressing the issues we face in America nowadays. It's certainly a different world then the one I grew up in...a much more violent one. It seems everyone has a gun anymore and are not shy about using them when they lose their tempers. Many people do things in a moment of anger that they would never do under different circumstances.

More later...

I went with Leslie to Tulsa for her to get her Oklahoma birth certificate and Jeromy, her son's, as well. John and Leslie are going on a cruise in October and they needed their state birth certificates in order to get a passport.  John got his last week because he had his state birth certificate. Leslie just had the one from the hospital and that will not do.

Afterward, we went to the Olive Garden for lunch. Leslie bought. Then we went shopping for John some new clothes. After that, on the way home, she told me her hair had been falling out. I  told her I thought that could be stress. She has a horrendous job as a case manager at Four County Mental Health.

On the way back through Coffeyville she stopped for a new tire for her mower. She had damaged the old one by hitting the barbed wire fence while she mowed.

Then she brought me home.  Missy was glad to see me.

More later....

Later, about 4:00 Bob came over to hear about our trip and watch the CBS news on TV. He left after that was over and I took my bath and laid with Missy on the sofa to watch TV. When I woke up later Missy and I went on to bed. It was about 9:30.


Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

I agree that this world is different than the one that we grew up in for sure! Just thinking of television ...and what was on it back then. Shows were unreal but meant to be inspirational. I cut out cable TV a long time ago ( was in shock back then ) but I think it's gotten far worse.

And then there is our presidents to compare. Good Lord.

Margie's Musings said...

Do you have any TV at all now, Deb? Or are you just living without TV?