Thursday, August 17, 2017

Thursday and Another Sleepless Night

I went to bed at 9:00 and went right to sleep. At 2:30, I turned over in my sleep and Missy fell off the bed. That woke me up and I went to the bathroom. When I went back to bed, I could never get back to sleep. At 3:30 I just got up.  I was just not going to be able to get back to sleep and it was too late to take a Zzzquil. I want to clean the apartment today.  So I need some energy. I will try to get a nap this afternoon. I have fed Missy and myself and it is now 5:20 AM.

We had some rain last night but no hail as was forecast. They had us under a severe storm warning. It's still dark out so I can't tell if there is any wind damage yet.  It's supposed to be 89 degrees today.

Bob and I will eat at El Pueblito at lunch today.  I have cooked three days this week and we will eat our roast beef leftovers tomorrow. Saturday mornings we always eat breakfast out at Eggberts and that's our primary meal on Saturdays. Sundays Phyllis F., Bob and I eat at "Just Us" in Cherryvale.

More later...

When I got home from lunch I called the University of Kansas University Medical Center to see if they were on the list for Medicare. They told me I would have to call Medicare to learn that. So I called Medicare and after fifteen minutes or so finally got through to the person I needed to talk with to learn that information. After several minutes she informed me that the KUMC was not on their list. I called my doctor's office to tell them that I would have to cancel my appointment. The receptionist told me the doctor wasn't in until tomorrow but that he referred many people to KUMC and that seemed strange.

So  I decided to call Blue Cross/Blue Shield. I explained the situation to Laurie there and she said could I hold a moment? After she came back on she said she felt Beberah Williams at Medicare must have been confused. Blue Cross/Blue Shield handles many cases from KUMC and they do not pay if Medicare doesn't pay. And they pay all the time. So I decided to call Medicare back and hope I got another agent. This time I got Shanna. Shanna said there must have been a mistake. The hospital is listed as The University of Kansas Medical Center and Medicare does accept them.  She said every hospital in the US HAS to accept payment by Medicare. They are required by law to do that.  So I called the doctor's office back and explained what I had learned.  Incompetence! Thank God I pursued it. That took two hours to learn.

Missy has slept all afternoon. That old cat sleeps her life away.

More later...

Bob came over at 5:15 and stayed until 7:00. When he left I took my bath and got ready for bed.  There was nothing to watch on TV so I decided to go to bed. By this time it was 9:05.

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pat m said...

it depends what type of supplemental insurance you have as to what medical facility is accepted...HMO's will have contracts with certain hospitals...they will pay for out of network if it's an emergency.