Friday, September 22, 2017

Friday and Exercises

Another good night of sleep. I did take a melatonin tablet.

This morning I will go to exercise class and afterward we will eat our leftovers from Wednesday noon ....the broccoli cheese chicken casserole. Bob will bring a salad. I only have cookies for dessert.

This afternoon, after lunch, I will go to the church and clean up the mess left there.

More later...

After exercise class several of us went to the Donut Palace for a chance to fellowship.Then Bob A. brought me home to get lunch together. We will eat at noon today. Then I will go out to church to clean up the mess.

Lunch warm ups were fine.

Then I went out to clean the church and what do you know! Someone beat me to it. It was already cleaned.

More even later...

Later, I learned that my daughter, Leslie, had cleaned it up. I should have known. I brought the towels home to wash them.

I took Missy out on the carport for awhile three times today. She loves the outside.  I raked leaves on the east side of my apartment after Bob left after lunch and so she got to go out there too. Generally I make her stay on the carport. But she likes to eat grass when she can and its long enough for her to do that right now.

Bob came over at 5:00 to watch the news and left at 7:00...after we had watched the news and later  Brooks and Shields on PBS. We both like their commentary on the news. I had bought some butter brickle ice cream when I went to Brahms for milk yesterday so we each had a small bowl.

I have taken my bath and washed my hair. I had raked leaves again today and it was 91 degrees out there so I was quite sweaty.

I wrote my boys an e-mail about my trip to Kansas City with Leslie on Monday and then went in the living room to listen to the music on TV and read my book.  I am reading "Long Time Passing"  a Pulitzer Prize winning book about the Vietnam War. It was written after that war was over. I had read it years ago but since I have been watching the PBS series I decided to re-read it.

Missy and I will go to bed sometime around 9:00 or 9:30.

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