Thursday, October 19, 2017

Thursday and Apartment Cleaning

I slept really well last night and got up about 5:30. I made the bed, dressed and got myself ready for the day. I also fed Missy and myself.

I will make soup again today. It is cool and it's soup weather. We finished off the beans and cornbread yesterday. We ate two of the cupcakes too. I still have two more for today.

I will clean the apartment again today.  I have no plan for the rest of the day.

I want to see just how cool it's going to be today. I just missed the "weather on the 8s" on the weather channel. It's back on now. It's 50 degrees right now.  It's suppose to get up to 80 today....76 tomorrow and rain on Saturday when Leslie and I will be over to Springfield Missouri for Mission Center conference on Saturday. The meetings start at 8:30 so we have to go over the evening before it starts.  

I suppose I ought to do laundry again today too. Missy peed on the bath mat I keep under her litter box......again.

I got the apartment cleaned and the soup is in the slow cooker.  I also washed both bath mats. I decided not to put a mat under her litter box. While the mats were washing, she peed again and missed the litter box and peed on the bathroom floor. I got an old towel rag and wiped it up with 409. I may just do that. It appears she can't judge distance anymore.

Juanita called and wants me to pick up a wedding card for her and bring it to her on Tuesday while I am up there for my hair appointment. She wants me to write a check for her to send as a gift. I have a dinner in Coffeyville at 11:30 on Tuesday so I hope I won't be long. If she has her checks and bank statement I may have to rush through that process. It has been going very well lately.

Bob and I are taking Phyllis F. to the Salvation Army salad luncheon on Tuesday too. I need to buy another ticket. I can't do that too early because I will be gone to Springfield on Friday afternoon and Saturday for our Mission Center conference. She probably would not have her statement by Monday.

Ginger is ordering my airline tickets for my trip to Florida in December. She is ordering them for November 29th...Scott's birthday...and until December 10th.  That way I will be there for both Scott's and my birthdays. That's ten days. I will have to trade with someone for the December 3rd sermon. I will be gone then.

More later...

I worked most of the afternoon with the Cox tech.  Yesterday there was an update on Windows 10. It took 20 minutes to download. It had an error that caused "sleep" to shut down and the techs are reporting them to Microsoft. They will have to send an update to fix it.

Bob came over this evening and I ironed a pair of his jeans.  He is going to a Mexican dinner at Sycamore Landing...where he lives. 

I will watch TV tonight if I can find anything to watch. 

There wasn't much to watch but Missy and I stayed up until 9:00 before we went to bed.


Deb @ Frugal Little Bungalow said...

I made soup today as well :) Youngest son had a dental appt and I figured that soup would be the easiest thing to eat later on.

I ALSO made a fruit smoothie and he tried to drink some before the Novocaine all wore off and that was a funny sight to see...:)

Margie's Musings said...

Ah, Deb, what a sight that must have been!