Friday, December 15, 2017

Friday and Another Trip Out of Town

I slept very well last night...only woke up once and got right back to sleep.

I was going to pick up Bob A. for exercise class but he contacted me that he had been sick so he would not be going. Then I started a couple of loads of laundry and after I finished that and remade my bed I decided to go on up to Chanute early to meet Gay and her friends for lunch.

We had a good lunch and a good visit too. I got back home about 2:30.  The woman on the right is my friend, Gay. Her sister, Adele is in the red at the end of the table but is in the sunshine and we can't see her well.

This is the other side of the table but still Adele is sitting too near the window and the sun is shining on her face.

That's Gay again.

Then I began my class newsletter. This is my 20th year to do the newsletter and be the class locator. I have only had three Christmas cards from classmates so far but it is early yet so I will get an early start.  I began having some problems with the Word program. It would take messages from the left column and put them in the right column. I would have to cut and paste them back in the text where they belong. Luckily I am beginning early.

I also worked on my personal Christmas cards and newsletters. I have most of the ones I am going to send out finished. I believe I have four more to do.

I was going to watch some TV but when I went to Amazon with the Tivo to choose a movie, the screen went blank and I was unable to get the "go back" button or the "guide" button to work. I just had a grey screen.

I contacted Esther and she returned my call after they finished dinner. Keith and she walked me through rebooting the Tivo and I finally got everything back. I started to watch a Christmas movie  but got sidetracked with working on the class newsletter  again.

John W. called me this afternoon to tell me about Nora Jean's death. He is the present class treasurer.  I had seen it in the paper so already had her and Chad on the "deceased classmates" list. He said he felt we had plenty of money in the account for this year's newsletter.  That's good to know. We will need three rolls of stamps, and two ink cartridges to print off the letters for those not online. Those online get theirs attached to e-mail.

I need to get my bath done and my PJs on and get ready for bed. It's nearly 8:30 and I am fully dressed. I don't know if Bob A. will be up to breakfast out in the morning or not. We will just play it by ear, I guess.

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