Thursday, December 14, 2017

Thursday and Another Trip to Independence

I slept really well last night.Yesterday had been a very busy day. I awoke at 1:00 and went to the bathroom and got right back to sleep until almost 5:00.

I will dress shortly and get ready for the day. I will go back to Independence and work on trying to get the form filled out for Juanita's replacement car title. She left the original in the glove box and it was gone when she began looking for it. I would never leave a title in the glove box. It should be kept with important papers. Anyhow, she is nearly blind and cannot read the VIN number on the windshield or fill out the form so I will do that and also fill out the form and take it to the driver's license bureau.  I hope to be able to get in there promptly. There's always a long line there.

I had an e-mail from Gay inviting me to lunch in Chanute at Opie's. I want to go. I may just give Bob some of the soup I made yesterday. I gave him the pizza I brought home Tuesday for today's lunch. I have no idea how long I will be in Independence today. And tomorrow I want to see Gay again and see how she is doing now.

I'd better get dressed and get my breakfast and Missy's and get ready for the day. It should be a big one.

More later....

I am now ready to go to Independence but need to wait until 9:00 to leave. It is only 8:40 now. She has drops she has to put in her eyes every morning and night.   I have no idea when I will be back home today since I will probably have to wait a long time in the driver's license bureau. Just as I was ready to go, Bob A. came and wee visited shortly and I gave him some of that vegetable soup for his lunch tomorrow.  I will be going to Chanute to meet Gay and her sister, Adele for lunch at Opie's. 

So more  later...

I got to Independence at 9:40 and immediately started working on Juanita's application for a new title for her car. I looked in the glove box myself just to be sure it wasn't there. It wasn't. So I filled out the application and had her sign it the best she could under the circumstances and then called the County Treasurer to see if it actually went to the Driver's License Bureau. I was told to use the envelope that came with the application and send it to her office and they would take care of it. I intended to take it to the post office after I left and mail it. But Juanita wanted me to stay and help her go through the metal box that had all her important papers in it. I got it from the closet and we began to work through it making two piles....anything that could be shredded and anything we needed to keep...including one large yellow envelope we labeled "important documents".  After looking through about half the contents of the large metal box, I found her car title. So we opened the envelope and labeled it "important" and put it back in the medal box. I tore up her check.

Then she wanted to buy my lunch. I went to Big Cheese and bought us two ham and cheese sandwiches. They were $5.79 each. They came with pickles and lettuce and chips. She poured me a glass of milk to drink with mine.

Then I came home. I got home about 2:30 and began shredding her old documents. By 2:45, I had that finished and sat down to work on this blog. I need to go get some Christmas cards next and begin getting them addressed.

So more later....

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