Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Tuesday and A Missed Monday

Yesterday was a blur.  I slept poorly Sunday night and worked hard all day to get everything back to normal...but normal was not to be.

I did manage to go to exercise class and pick up my blood pressure pills at Medicine Shoppe. 

So after that, Monday was a blur. The knob on the tub broke in two when I took my bath Sunday night and the water source was backward. The hot water came out when the knob was turned to the cold side and the cold water came out when the knob was turned to the hot side. The drain would not hold water either. I tried to contact Betty, my landlady, but she had left her phone in the car.

I went over to Carmen's to see if she knew where Betty was. Betty was not listening to her messages on her home phone either. Then Carmen came over and tried to fix the drain.  She also tried to fix the knob which had broken in half.  It seems when she cleaned the tub last week, after the accident with her washer overflowing, (it backed up and filled my tub with filthy gunk) the knob broke off in her hand and she tried to glue it back together with gorilla glue. She did not read the instructions on the glue and did not know that gorilla glue has to be applied only on one side of the project and water must be put on the other side to activate it.

But I finally heard from Betty. She sent her maintenance man over to see what he could do to help so she wouldn't have to call a plumber again.  Then she and he came back after being to Ace Hardware store and finding another knob that would work. They worked on it for awhile and he got a new knob back on and the maintenance man manged to get the drain threaded back together so at least I can now take a bath. Unfortunately, the "stop" is no longer applicable on the faucet so I have to be very careful not to get scalded when I fill the tub. Turning it too far to "cold" will encounter "hot" water again and turning it too far to "hot" will encounter "cold" water again. It's a mess but will have to do. I will just always fill the tub before getting into it.

Then in the afternoon yesterday, I baked my cake, called Karan to see if she remembered to bake one
(she didn't...but will bake one when she got home from Joplin).   She had taken Wendy over there for her chemotherapy. Wendy's husband, John, died of his cancer while I was in Florida. What a horror they went through...and she is still going through.  It is so good of Karan to take her over to Joplin for her therapy.

I went through the mail and scanned the newspapers. I took the two hug bags of newspapers over to Marilyn's apartment and left them on the doorstep. She takes them to Parsons to be recycled.

I washed the kitchen floor and wiped up the bathroom floor. The bathroom floor just had some gritty sand like material on it. I will wash it after I get home from Independence today.

Yesterday afternoon after I dumped the dirt and spent flowers from my flowerpots,  my neighbor, Maureen, called me over for a visit. That gave me a nice break while I recuperated from the day's activities.

Last evening I got my cake iced and Bob brought his over too. Finally, Karan brought hers over. Today, I will go to Independence to deliver the cakes and have my hair done and then have lunch somewhere and pick up my prescription at Walgreen's and get back home.

What a day! More later....I'd better get dressed and fed and ready to go.  I did manage to get a good night's sleep last night...and so did Missy!

I did get everything done including getting the rest of my Christmas shopping finished and wrapped. Then after having a Big Cheese pizza, I came on back home and decorated the apartment for Christmas. 

It's not a very good photo. We can't see the top of the tree. I have a better one but it is vertical and I can't seem to turn it from the blog.

After I finished that, Bob came over and read the newspaper and watched the news. After he left, I took my bath and put my pjs on and lay on the sofa with  Missy and watched "A Christmas Carol". That is a seasonal habit with me.  I even have it on DVD. This one last night was with George Scott and not my favorite. But I still enjoyed it.

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