Saturday, February 17, 2018

Saturday and Breakfast Out then a Trip to Chanute

I slept well again last night although I did wake up at 11:00 with some pain in  my legs. I got up, took my thyroid med and some Aleve. Then I went back to bed and back to sleep. Missy cuddled up next to me. I finally got up at 4:00, dressed and got ready for my day. I will pick up Bob for breakfast at 7:00 or shortly before 7:00.

Then later..around 10:00. I will leave for Chanute to meet Gay for lunch. It is raining out there. I took my trash out but didn't want to get out in the rain so I just left it in my chair on the car port. I hope the stray cats don't get into it.

More later...

Before Bob picked me up for breakfast, I noticed the rain had stopped so I took my trash over to the barrel. I did not want stray cats to tear it up looking for food. Then he came and we went to Eggbert's to have breakfast.

Later I came home to read. About 9:15, I decided to go ahead and leave for Chanute. I wasn't sure whether I would run into rain or not but I decided to go ahead and make the trip anyhow. We won't meet for lunch until 11:30 but I can look around town while I wait.

So...more even later...

I will be back later this afternoon to finish this. So..more later...

We had a nice visit at Chanute. About four of Gay's friends and her sister Adele came too. They will all come here next month and we can eat here at Kansas Buffet.

I got home about 3:00. All I got I the mail was the Journal.

I will not be eating anything the rest of the day. I am still full from lunch.

Missy was glad to see come home.

Back  later...

Bob dropped by for awhile before going over to Joanne's.  Later I took my bath and Missy and I watched Amazon again. 

Missy and I went to bed at 9:00.


Sister--Three said...

You spent quite a lot cooking all those meals. By using the
Walmart meals you I'll be able to treat yourself to eating out more
with friends like Gay!! I approve your new plan.

Margie's Musings said...

Thanks, Sister-Three!