Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Wednesday and Bingo

I slept very well last night. Missy has been cuddling up next to me and that additional warmth seems to have helped me sleep. Anyhow, this is very different behavior for her. She has never been a cuddlier. But now she is even laying on my lap as we lay on the sofa and watch TV every evening. Strange. I notice she only has one fang nowadays. Sometime she has lost her other fang. Poor kitty! I wonder how long she will,last. She has been getting more feeble this past year.

Anyhow, I got up close to 5:00, which is my regular wake up time. I dressed and got Missy her treats and breakfast and refilled her water dish. I fixed my breakfast and coffee and Chai and then checked my bank account. Sure enough my social security came in last night so I can now pay that huge electric bill tomorrow.

I heard from Gay in the night too. The services for Tony will be the 24th of March...a week from this Saturday. It will be held at St. Patrick's Church in Chanute. The visitation will be held at 9:00 AM until 10:00AM and the Rosary is at 10:15 and the Mass at 11:00. Their women will serve a dinner after the funeral.  I am not sure of Catholic protocol so I don't know whether I am to go to Rosary or not.  I definitely should go to the visitation to see Gay beforehand and the funeral Mass for sure.

I will attend exercise class this morning at 9:00. Afterward they will serve ice cream and cake to celebrate Doug's February birthday. In the afternoon, I will go to Bingo at 2:00 there at the senior center.

More later....

I did go to exercise class and afterward I did eat cake and ice cream.

But afterward I got busy with my March sermon and forgot the time and missed Bingo. Then I went out to Woodshed to get gas and they were completely out. I came back in to the Sunshine shop and they would not turn on the pump so I could get gas so I just went over to K & S Oil and bought my gas. I stopped over at Braum's and bought a small hamburger for my lunch. By then it was 3:30. What a mess. Soon the Reporter will be here.

Betty, my landlady, called to say they were going to fill the cracks in the driveway on Friday at 6:00 PM. She wanted to be sure I would not be leaving to go to church and drive through it.

More even later...

Well I read the newspaper, such as it was, and later took my bath and got myself ready for bed. Missy and I watched the news and then changed the Tivo to Amazon Prime and watched another episode of "American Lives" . This time it was Frank Lloyd Wright's life.  Ken Burns did these every interesting stories back in the 1990's.  I have also rented a movie from that site and even bought one. I have watched that every evening this week. Last night I lost my stream from the Tivo. I pulled it's plug and that rebooted it at last.  Then I was able to then get back to the antenna and CBS news. I can only get the three channels of CBS and if the weather is just right at night, I can get Fox too. But that's about all. I only watch the news with the antenna anyhow. Amazon Prime gives me a lot more entertainment options.

At 9:00 after Missy and I watched that episoode, we went to bed.

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