Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Wednesday and Bunco Day

I slept well last night but because I had gone to bed so early, I ended up getting up at 4:45. I made the bed, got myself dressed and fed myself and Missy and checked my e-mail. I have the TV on for the Tulsa news and the CBS news.

About 7:30, I will go out to church to let John from Derailed Commodity in to measure for our new carpet. I will probably get back in time to pick up Bob and go to exercise class. I missed on Monday when Leslie and I went to Kansas City for my doctor's appointment. Then this afternoon at 1:00, we will have bunco games. It's only 6:05 now so I have plenty of time.

I will fix hamburgers and shoestring potatoes for our lunch. Bob will bring Cokes to go with that.  I set the hamburger patties in the frig last night to thaw and got the buns out of the freezer this morning.

At 1:00 I will go to Bunco back at the senior center.

So, more later...

I went out to let John from Derailed Commodities into the church and stayed and watched him measure everything.

He did a very thorough job. When I left it was too late to go to exercise class.  I took all my used ink cartridges up to donate to the library. They get $4. each for them.

Then I came home and started lunch. Bob came over and we had our hamburgers and shoestrings.  I sent one home with him.

Then I went to Bunco. I won the most wins. That was $5.00. I can use the money. :)

The papers came and I read them. I have given Missy her treats but she thinks she needs another few. Poor old thing. I will give her a few more.

Bob is coming by here before he goes to Joanne. I have some decorated cupcakes for them for Valentine's Day. I took some to Bunco and had some left over.

More later...

I downloaded Yentl  last night and watched it to the end. Missy and I went to bed at 9:00.

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