Thursday, March 29, 2018

Thursday and Back to Independence

I did not sleep well last night. I woke up at 2:00 with my right leg aching and my hands hurting. I slept only intermittently after that. However, I did get up and take an extra strength Tylenol capsule.

I will pick up Juanita about noon for her 2:00 appointment with Dr. Eslicker in Bartlesville. I usually go early to get her. It's a production just to get her in and out of the car since she's blind and 96 years old.  Afterward we will probably stop at Sonic and get a milkshake.  We will probably get her back to Independence by 4:00.

I probably will not do anything else today. I may take a nap when I get back home. I may clean the bathroom and kitchen again this morning. And if it gets nice enough this morning I may take Missy outside for awhile. She loves to go outside. I do need to stop at Dr. Barta's Animal Hospital and get some kitty meds for Missy to deal with fleas and ticks now that she's going outside more.

More later...

*Juanita called me this morning to tell me she had broken her toe and could not go to her doctor's appointment. After 8:00, I called Dr. Eslicker's office and re-scheduled her appointment for the 18th of April at 1:00 in the afternoon. Her appointment with Dr. Dystra, her heart doctor, is in Independence the very next Wednesday on April 25th, at 2:45. My appointment with Dr. P in Kansas City is Monday April 30th at 11:00.  Lots going on this next month. Bob and Joanne want me to eat the Salvation Army's dinner with them on April 10th,

Then I left early and went on to her Dr's office to talk to her nurse about her situation. She introduced me to an RN named Judy Shelby, who will call Juanita and check on her regularly.

Then I went over to Juanita's to check on her.  The toe she broke was the small one next to her little toe on her left foot.  It was swollen and had kept her awake last night. I helped her figure out her new cell phone and helped her organize her meals on wheels and microwaved one of them for her .

Then I left to come home and ate my own microwaved Walmart frozen lunch. Leslie tells me she has ordered me some Schwans frozen meals. They are supposed to be very good. Then I drove over to Sonic and had a mini sonic blast for dessert.

More later....

On the right is the back of  new house cott and Ginger are going to build in Gallaten, Tennessee. The one on the left is the front of the one they just sold in Florida.

Image may contain: tree, house, pool, sky and outdoor

More later...

I came home afterward and watched the news and then took  my bath and put my PJs on to watch something on Amazon on TV.  I ended up watching a PBS station about Mr. Rogers. He seemed like a super great guy and really hit it off with children.

Missy and I went to bed at 9:00.


pat m said...

Schwan meals are good but expensive...stouffers are just as good but less money.

Sister--Three said...

So glad they sold their house!!! I know it is a relief for them.

Margie's Musings said...

It is Sister-Three!

And, Pat, I will try Stouffers. Thanks for the tip.