Friday, June 1, 2018

Friday and Exercises

I slept well last night for a change and woke up once at 1:30 and went to the bathroom and took my med. Then I got right back to sleep until 5:00, my regular wake up time. I have dressed and gone to the kitchen to brush my teeth. Both Missy and I have had our breakfast. She wants to go out while it's relatively cool but I want to get this blog started and drink my Chai first.

I  will go to exercise class this morning and Deloris' funeral is in Independence at 11:00. I don't know whether I will go or not. I don't generally attend funerals unless I am very close to the person or their family.

I will go water now and make Missy happy. So, more later...

I got all the flowers watered and Missy got to go outside. She was happy and she stayed close by which is all I require.

Now I am watching the CBS news. I will leave in about twenty minutes for exercise class.

I heard from Scott this morning that Alaska is having 50 degree weather.  He wants me to be sure to bring a light jacket as well as my new heavier coat. He says we will need to layer our clothing. I have both a light jacket and a heavier coat so I will pack both. It's just two weeks away now.

More later....

Marilyn and I went to Utopia after exercise class. We saw Darlene there. No one else from exercise class came so it was just we three. I came home after I stopped at the Dollar General store and bought Viva paper towels. I gave my last roll to the plumber yesterday.

I ate the hamburger Leslie sent home with me Monday. Then I had an ice cream bar for dessert.

The plumbers came after lunch.  Today they worked in my bathroom. They cut a hole in the wall under my vanity. From there they were able to clean out the trap and pipe.  They will be back later to put a "Y" in that pipe and patch the hole they cut in the wall. They cleaned up their mess very well.

I read most of the afternoon. Then I went ahead and mopped the floor in the bathroom after awhile. I had not clean the bathroom yesterday because I knew the plumbers would be back today and might make a mess.

Tonight I will watch the Amazon Prime with Missy and watch "Nature" until 7:00 when I will take my bath and put on my PJs.

So,, more later..

And that's what I did. I took my bath and watched TV with Missy through an episode of "Nature" and one episode of "Frasier".  At 9:00, Missy and I went on to bed.


Sister--Three said...

I hope your trip is perfect!

Margie's Musings said...

Thank you, Sister-Three, I hope so too.