Monday, August 20, 2018

Monday and A Busy Day

I slept well last night, woke up only once, went to the bathroom and cleaned up Missy's litter box then went back to bed and went right back to sleep and slept until 5:00.

I dressed and got ready for the day, fed Missy and myself and plan to go to exercise class.

I have a load of laundry going this morning.  It's in the dryer now.

I will fix my casserole dish for Mike and Laura this afternoon and Karan and I will take the food to them leaving about 5:00 this afternoon. Phyllis has her dessert already done. Karan will fix a nice salad and my casserole dish should make it a balanced meal. My hamburger pie recipe has green beans in it too.

Missy wants to go outside but it's still dark out there so she will have to wait.

More later....

I did go on to exercise class and afterward came on back home and baked my cake for the Christian Church for their dinner tomorrow evening. I will make up my hamburger pie for Mike and Laura about 4:00PM today and Karan and I will deliver the food  this evening. We will leave for Cherryvale at 5:00PM. I cooled the cake and iced it afterward.

About 4:00PM I made up the hamburger pie. Karan and I left for Cherryvale at 5:00PM. After we visited awhile with Mike and later Laura, we started to leave. The car would not start. I tried three times and it finally started. Thanks goodness! When I got back to Coffeyville I went by Auto Zone and had the alternator and battery checked and they were both fine. The man there said it might be the starter. Tomorrow I will take it by Gary's Automotive and have him check that out. I cannot be without a car. I have too much going on right now. I have a hair appointment in the morning at 9:30 and have to take the cakes to Independence after that and a doctor's appointment on Wednesday at 2:00 in Bartlesville.. I will also have to balance Juanita's checkbook this week sometime.

It's always something.

Mike has an appointment in Kansas City next Monday so they will not want dinner then. Then Mike hopes to have his second surgery on the following Monday. They will keep us informed about that.

Now I need to eat something and take my bath and watch TV with Missy. It's 7:00PM now.

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