Monday, November 19, 2018

Monday and Laundry

I had a sore arm all evening and even after going to bed. I took two Aleve but they didn't help at all. I did get some sleep off and on. I finally got up about 6:00AM.

I did one load of laundry this morning but decided to wait to strip my bed until almost bedtime so I wouldn't have to quarrel with Missy about lying on it while it is clean. We will sleep tonight on the daybed trundle if I can keep her off the bed.

I have fed her and myself and am ready for the day. It is 8:10AM now but it is 34 degrees outside.

More later...

Leslie just texted me that they are planning to decorate the church for Christmas this morning at 9:30. I will go help now that I have freed up my day. I will do my second load of laundry this evening and put my stew on in the morning. That is a good plan.

Karan and Leslie and I showed up. Later Cyndi came too. We organized the boxes of Christmas decorations after we got the church decorated for Christmas. It looked lovely. If I go out there this afternoon to take the two new wreath hangers out, I will take some photos.

Image may contain: people sitting, table and indoor
This is the pulpit area decorated for Christmas.

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The windows were kind of dark this afternoon in the sanctuary.

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These are the sanctuary doors decorated for Christmas.

 Image may contain: christmas tree

The Christmas tree near the piano.

Image may contain: people sitting, table and indoor

Near the pulpit area this decoration.

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The Nativity in the foyer.

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The decoration near the screen.

I have remade the bed with the clean sheets. I have clean towels too and clean pajamas. I am ready. Tomorrow I will have my hair done and make my stew for lunch or supper. It depends on when the kids get in.

After we finished at 2:20PM, we went out to El Publito and had lunch.  Then I stopped by the Family  Dollar store and bought two wreath over the door hangers for church.

I have my bedding in the dryer right now. I have stripped the bed in my bedroom and Missy and I will sleep on the daybed trundle this evening so the bed will stay clean for Keith and Esther this week.

Notice Missy has already accepted that change!

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The company all leave on Friday.

More later...

I am watching the news now. It is 6:10PM. In a little while I will take my bath and get ready for bedtime. Then I will stay up until 9:00PM or 9:30PM.


Sister--Three said...

Thank you for all the photos. Love the Church all decorated.

Margie's Musings said...

We do too, Sister-Three. We do more every Christmas. Karan still has to finish the foyer
decoration. Thank you for checking us out.