Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Tuesday and the Family Comes

I slept fairly well last night and the arm didn't hurt much. Missy must have slept well too. She didn't disturb me.  It is 5:05AM now and I will get dressed and get ready for my day. I have an 8:30AM hair appointment and then I will go to Dollar General and get a few things before I come home and start my stew. I have no idea when to expect the kids.

Scott called last evening and we visited for awhile. Thanksgiving is Ginger's last day at work and then she starts her new teaching job. The hospital she is working for now  have really abused their position once she gave her notice. She will be delighted to leave that job.

They are to start their new home in January.  This is the new plan.

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I will post other photos of it as I see them.   Eventually they will have a pool too. First priority is to get this built and get out of the condo.

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This may be at the back of the house.

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This is another view of the front.

More later...I'd better get dressed.

I am dressed and fed and so is Missy. In fact, she is here on the trundle bed in the den now. It is 7:30AM right now. In an hour I will go get my hair done. But first I have to go to the bank. I have spent most of my cash this week. I also need to go to the Dollar General store.

When I get back from my appointment I will start my stew.

More later....

I ate my leftover Chinese dish from Sunday for my lunch, Keith texted me a bit ago and said they were in Wichita. In a couple of hours they should be here. I have the stew cooking in my slow cooker. We will have it with biscuits. I have plenty. I may have enough for Bob and Joanne and even Marilyn. I fixed a large pot. I didn't know if Christina and Kyle and family would eat it or not. Tomorrow we go out to John and Leslie's and have pizza.

Missy is still here behind me on the daybed trundle. She likes that because she doesn't have the climb up on a footstool to get on the bed. She just steps up about eight inches. She is napping.

The kids all came at the same time and that little 5 year old is really a live wire. After we visited for an hour or two, I fixed the biscuits, moved the stew from the slow cooker to a casserole dish. Everyone ate well and  seemed to enjoy the stew and biscuits. Esther even asked for the recipe.

We had a good visit and after an hour or so of visiting, Kyle and Christian and the girls went back to their motel. The girls wanted to swim in their heated pool. Then Keith and Esther and I watched a movie on Amazon Prime. After that I took my bath and we all went to bed. I am sure they were exhausted.

In the morning Keith wants to try to get my antenna mounted on the pole John put up outside before we all go out to John and Leslie's home tomorrow noon.. 

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