Monday, November 5, 2018

Monday and a Sleepless Night

Missy and I went to bed about 9:00PM last night and I went straight to sleep...until 12:30AM. Then I woke up and could not get back to sleep. At 1:30AM, I got up and went to the bathroom and took my med and melatonin and went back to bed. I lay there until 2:30AM when I got up and took some Zzzquil to get to sleep. It didn't work. At 3:15AM, I just got up. My right shoulder was hurting again but since I had taken the Zzzquil, I didn't feel that I should take Aleve too.  I had way too much on my mind that I couldn't seem to turn off.

Last week, I had thought we were having our church basket dinner this Sunday so I had thawed out some chicken to fix in my slow cooker. I bought the rest of the ingredients at the market so... with the thawed chicken, I was committed. I will fix that for my lunch today and cook some broccoli to go with it.

I had also thawed out some ground beef for chili. I will go ahead and fix that for the rest of the week. I have the ingredients for that except for the onion. I will get that today at Country Mart.

The basket dinner is next Sunday and I guess I will buy a roast to fix for that. We leave the very next Monday morning on the 12th for our flight to Phoenix to visit Keith and Esther so any leftovers will have to go home with Bob A for him and Joanne. He will also take care of Missy for me while I am gone.

I will also have to bake my cake for the First Christian Church on that same Sunday morning and put it in the freezer at church. Bob will have to get that and his, Phyllis,' and Karan's cakes and take the those cakes up to the First Christian Church by himself the next day on Tuesday.

Then I began thinking about Thanksgiving. My granddaughter, Christina, and her family are coming for Thanksgiving and so are my eldest son and his wife. Keith and Esther will stay with me. My granddaughter and her husband and two children will stay in a motel since I am in a small apartment. I don't know how long they will be here either. So, I don't know about meals. I need to call her today and find out what their plan is. I ended up e-mailing her. Maybe she will answer me this evening.

I no longer cook much so I will need to get some breakfast things for Keith and Esther. That's no problem. I plan on eggs and bacon and biscuits for their breakfasts. I eat oatmeal. I will fix some beef stew for lunch at least one day ...perhaps two. I don't eat supper...except for yogurt.... so I don't know about their supper. But I still have hamburger patties and buns in the freezer so I could do hamburgers and french fries for at least one supper and perhaps tomato basil soup with crackers and cheese for another.  I have made reservations for 9 of us at "Just Us" for Thanksgiving dinner. Leslie and John will join the family there too. Leslie is on call that weekend so her holiday is up for grabs. If she is called out, she may not get dinner that day.

All this I have been mulling over in my mind. That's why I can't sleep.

More later...It's almost 4:00AM now and I am going back to bed.  Maybe since I have vented here, I will be able to get some sleep.

More later...

I got right back to sleep...finally... and I slept until 6:00AM when Missy woke me up. She wants her breakfast. Darn cat!  I will probably have to have a nap today for sure.

Bob called accidentally just a moment ago. He meant to text me.  We visited briefly.  He just wanted to tell me it's raining outside.

I'll finish my makeup and then feed Missy. Back again later...

I got all that done and am watching the news on CBS now.  The mid term election tomorrow should be interesting. I always vote and I certainly hope others holding my opinions will vote too.

It's 8:22AM now and the chicken is in the slow cooker and when it is finished I will make the chili. That should take care of my meals this week.

I am going to do some laundry this morning too. I have just enough in my basket for a load. So, more later.......

I got the laundry into the dryer just in time for Missy to pee on another bathmat.  A little while ago, she was gagging and I thought she might vomit again.  I took her outside for awhile but she got it under control....she must have got whatever she was gagging on, down. It didn't come up...thank goodness. A couple of weeks ago I spent $60.00 having the carpet professionally cleaned and a week later, she vomited on it again. I cleaned that up myself with Resolve.

It's 11:15 now and I don't know whether my lunch in the slow cooker is finished or not. I guess the only way to find out is to open it and see if it's finished. I think I got it in there by 8:00AM....or maybe it was 8:20AM. I don't recall.  So, more later...

I ate some of my chicken and broccoli  about 12:30PM and then made up my chili for tomorrow. I will have a bowl tomorrow with crackers and cheese. I may then give it away to Bob and Joanne after saving one more bowl. I usually make it with stewed tomatoes and I thought I had bought two cans when I went to Walmart over the weekend. But I had one can of tomato sauce and one of stewed tomatoes. Unfortunately, I opened the tomato sauce by mistake so I went ahead and used the tomato sauce in it.

I was reading this book Karan had borrowed and read and then gave back to me and ran onto mention of "The Power of Myth". I had seen the entire series on PBS when Bob was in his training in Tulsa for his chaplaincy back in the 80's. He stayed down there at the hospital 13 weeks where he was getting the training during the week and came home on the weekends. We watched it on Sunday evenings I believe. It was on PBS. I decided to download it on my Amazon Prime this afternoon. It cost me $11.95 but I watched the first episode again and it was terrific.  I will the watch the entire series in the evenings instead of watching murders on Crime Stories. Maybe I will sleep better.

More later....

I took my bath and at 7:00PM and Missy and I watched a couple of episodes of "The Power of Myth". At 9:00PM, we went on to bed. 

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