Sunday, November 4, 2018

Sunday and Church

I slept fairly well last night considering the time change. I woke up at 12:30AM but managed to get back to sleep. I woke up at 4:20AM again (usually it would have been 5:20AM)  and just got up. I went around the apartment and turned all the remaining clocks back an hour. Maybe my body will eventually accept the new time.

I got myself dressed and ready for the day, cleaned out Missy's litter box and cleaned up the litter she had tracked onto the bathroom floor and then came in to check my bank account and begin this blog.

It's 5:15AM  in the new time now so I will go get Missy's breakfast and my oatmeal and eat and then I will need to get the Church school class coffeecake mixed up and in the oven.

So I will get back to this after that.  More later....

I have fed Missy and myself and mixed up and baked the coffeecake. I iced it after it cooled.

I took Missy out briefly but it was too cold and she was willing to come back in without an argument. She did complain to me, hissing and spitting, like it was my fault it was so cold out there.  It's now 45 degrees but it was even colder earlier this morning.  It is 8:10AM now and I have called Phyllis and told her I would pick her up at 9:00AM and I will also pick up Bob. I have my offering check made out and the bill for the tires in my purse. Leslie wants to pay on it.

I don't know where we will eat lunch. Maybe it will be "Just Us". It has been a couple of weeks since we have been there. I'll have to check with the others.

The midterm election will be on Tuesday. I will go vote, of course. I will also take the bag of documents and notebooks from the Ministerial Alliance out there to Doug, He says he has room at his church to store it.  I certainly don't. I have left that bag full of documents and notebooks in the trunk of my car until now.  It is temporarily in my living room closet but there certainly is not room to store it there permanently. I am glad Doug can take it.

I went to the bank before I picked Bob up and took out $20.00. I also wrote my church check. I took Leslie's advice and cut it back $5.00 a week. She said I was paying too much tithe. I was running out of money before my next social security came in so I guess she was right.

More later...

After church we ate lunch at "Just Us" and they were packed!  I had not remembered to call for a reservation and they only had one small table for the three of us.  That worked out however and we had a good nutritious lunch.

When I took Bob back to Sycamore landing and took Phyllis home, I came back and did the newsletters and got them in the e-mail. I sent out two this week by snail mail. One to Chris and one to Billie Jo. Chris said he did not get his last week. I can't imagine why. I sent out four in snail mail last week.

I took Missy out for awhile this afternoon after I finished the newsletters. It is still only 48 degrees at 3:12 PM and she was ready to come in when I was done sweeping up the leaves.  That's a little chilly for a couple of old babes!

More even later...

I read my book until time for the CBS news and then watched that. Later, following 60 Minutes, I took my bath and Missy and I watched some Amazon Prime until bedtime. We went to bed at 9:00PM.

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