Saturday, December 22, 2018

Saturday and Apartment Cleaning

I slept well last night. Only woke up once and went to the bathroom and took my med. Then I woke up a little after 4:00AM and lay in bed for awhile to see if I would go back to sleep but about 4:30AM, I just got up. I guess I will clean the apartment this morning. But first I will have my oatmeal and juice and coffee and watch the news if I have any TV this morning.

I had a huge day yesterday with all the work getting the class newsletter attached to e-mail for those with e-mail and those printed off folded, stuffed and stamped and sent out for those without e-mail. But at least I got it out before Christmas this year.

So more later....

Well, I have had my breakfast and am watching the CBS news. As soon as that is over, I will begin my cleaning. I still have about ten minutes. So more much later...

I cleaned the apartment pretty thoroughly this morning. I even wiped down the kitchen cabinets to get fingerprints off, etc.  And I washed down the shower doors. It's 10:10AM now. I need several things from the market and so I will make yet another trip out to Walmart.

So...again, more later...

Well, I manged to spend $42.  and change at Walmart.  I got everything put away and soon I will need to start my lunch. I have another 20 minutes before I eat though. I have time to go to the bank for another check register.

O.K. I got the check register and came home to fix myself a Sloppy Joe  and the rest of the shoestring potatoes and peach tea for my lunch. Very good!

Then I turned on Amazon Prime and watched an an episode of Nova from PBS.  It was about the development of the new X plane from Lockheed Martin. There was a huge competition between them and Boeing. It seems all three flying services are going to be flying the same plane and that plane was going to be the only fighter plane for America. The winner of the competition will also get all kinds of foreign sales so the winner, will make in excess of 200 billion dollars in sales overall. It must be supersonic and also have the capability of landing like a helicopter so it can land vertically on a ship's deck. It was a very interesting show. I may watch this series on Nova shows for awhile now.

It's 5:28PM now and I will eat my yogurt and prepare for watching TV before bed in an hour or so.

I hope to stay up until 9:00PM or so.

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