Friday, September 12, 2008

Busy Day

This has been a busy day so far. We cleaned house this morning. I wasn't up to it on Monday, my regular house cleaning day so it was five days late today. Then Bob cleaned the garage sale stuff out of the garage, boxed up most of it...we had taken all the clothing to the Presbyterian Church Thursday when we learned the weather was forecast for rain again. I didn't want to waste an entire Saturday sitting in the garage waiting for a few brave souls to come buy the stuff that was left.

So the church got the good stuff. The church will put it to good use and the rest of the stuff left over will have to go to the dump, I guess. .

We took Bob's truck up to have a battery cable replaced on it. It had been acting strange every time he tried to start it so today he lifted the hood and began to tighten the battery cable. That's when he noticed the ring was broken. They replaced that while he waited and only charged us $15.

I'm kind of bushed today so we will just take it easy. I guess I've had too much on my plate lately.

Tomorrow we are celebrating our great grand daughter's fifth birthday. Our daughter is having a party for her tomorrow evening and we will go to their house for that. Then our son-in-law's birthday is Sunday and we will go down to Bartlesville after church and take them to Garfield's for lunch. He loves that entire "Happy Birthday" thing they do there. I have taken them there every year for three years. Usually Bob is deployed at this time so he will get to go too this time.

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