Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rain, Rain, Go Away

It has rained all day long and we really didn't do anything except sit out on the covered patio and watch the rain. The dog is sad that he didn't get his walk so all he has done is lay on the chaise and sleep. I finally tempted him to eat his food by giving him a piece of cinnamon toast...which he loves.

Bob slept off and on all day too, as did Missy Kitty the cat. I worked on John and Leslie's new home scrapbook after she sent me five new pictures of week nine. Then about four thirty we went out to their house for the fifth birthday party for Sage, our great grand daughter. I bought her a new purse. She loved it. Our daughter bought her a new educational game and she loved that too.

Leslie, our daughter, fixed lasagna and garlic toast. We took a large salad. Two extra guests showed up with their child so we quickly put another leaf in the table and another three plates on the table. Thank goodness that lasagna was a large dish and we had made a big salad. Jeromy, our grandson, brought an ice cream cake and Leslie had made cupcakes.

All in all, we all had a good time.

But I'll be delighted when the rain has ended.

Tomorrow, we will take Leslie and John to Garfield's in Bartlesville after church to celebrate John's 54th birthday. Today, he saw the scrapbook I'm making for them for the first time. He seemed impressed.


Blue Ridge Blue Collar Girl said...

Happy Birthday to Sage! Sounds like a wonderful party and wonderful party food!
I wish we could get some of your rain down here. We are in a very serious drought, so every rain is a cause for celebration here. But I can understand why you are a bit weary of it. :-)

Margie's Musings said...

Yes, we have had it for weeks and are tired of it.

The party turned out well and the food was great.

Judy said...

Happy Birthday Sage! I love that name. The party sounds great and great presents. We are getting 35 to 45 mile winds here today and they say rain tonight. Guess it is the remnants from Ike. We sure need the rain. I pulled something in my back picking up the baby so am sort of out of sorts today! I feel so sorry for all those people in Texas. I have watched until I am bleary eyed.