Sunday, March 29, 2009

Three Day Weekend Retreat

It was a huge weekend. I left here Friday morning for Joplin. I shopped for a coverlet for my son, Scott. I couldn't find the one I was looking for. Later I went out to the campgrounds and helped them register and make name tags. Later the weekend events began.

One of the presidents of our church was there with us. Her name is Becky Savage. She told us about the newer emphasis of the church...a kind of friendship evangelism. Our people are not too good at inviting folks to church. We need to change that and begin inviting folks to church.

It was a very good weekend even though it snowed Saturday. Here at the church, they got eight inches and had to cancel church. We are in the country and cannot get in and out of our driveway.

I got home around 1:00 PM and found a very sad Shar Pei. He had been put in the garage by my friends who fed him and my cat, Missy. The hot water tank is in there and keeps the garage relatively warm. But he hates it. It is isolation. He hates to be isolated.

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