Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another Busy Saturday

This will be another busy Saturday. Bob went after mulch and we are going to finish mulching our flower beds today. They do so much better when mulched and that really cutting down on the weeding.

I got up early this morning and fed and dog and cat, watered the flowers and had a cup of coffee before Bob even got out of bed.

I attended five garage sales looking for the old Tupperware. I don't really like the new stuff. I didn't find any. Evidently others like the old stuff best too.

Bob is back with the mulch and wouldn't you know, he carried the bags up from his truck all by himself. This is a man with a bad back. Oh well! They never learn.

We saw Jeff at Wal Mart. Cyndi has to stay down with her foot elevated another week. He will live through this but he will be exhausted doing it. He will be coming over soon to use my computer. He has a job interview on Tuesday evening at the college.

I'd better get out there and spread the mulch before it gets too hot.


Whew! That was work but it looks great.

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