Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Another Wednesday

This should be a fun day. Trouble looks like rain. I will go to Independence to get my hair done and eat breakfast with my friend, Juanita. I will eat light.

After that.I will come back home and Bob and I will meet Gay and Tony for lunch at Sirloin Stockade.

We won't have a large dinner this evening because I am watching my weight. This winter I have gained five pounds and just about the time I begin to get it back off, Scott comes for a visit and I either do a lot of cooking or we eat out a lot and I put it right back on.

He wants to meet Taresa in California and help her drive back to Tyler and get her things put in storage and then drive down here to get his vehicle. I am afraid he is trying to control her again. I do not know that she asked him to do that. I am very leery of this reconciliation.

Neither Bob nor I slept very well last night for thinking about the situation.

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