Sunday, September 20, 2009

Big Sunday

I got up at 5:00 this morning and made the coffee as usual and then made my baked beans and dessert for the cook out following the Sunday service. Our speaker did well and the service was well planned.

One of our members brought her nice charcoaler and Leslie cooked the hamburgers and hot dogs out. Then we ate in the all purpose room to avoid the flies. The rest of us brought salads and desserts and veggies and everything worked out well.

I ate too much. I usually do at these church affairs. Doesn't everyone?

We had five guests and they stayed for both the services and the cook out. It was a lovely day. I got home about 2:00 and did my Sunday letters and got some cash together for my great granddaughter who is going to be 6 on Wednesday. I always give the greats a dollar for each year. I did the same thing for the grands. They love the cash and they can buy what they want with it or save it. I don't actually know if kids save money anymore.

Tonight we will have "Living the Questions" at Keith and Joyce's again. I dread it because Richard is going to lead the class and he does all the talking. That's not a discussion group to me. But we will suffer through it, I guess. He 's a nice guy, but like me, a know it all.


Judy said...

Hi Margie, Sounds like a good cookout with lots of good food. You have a good idea about the birthdays. I will have to start that with Thomas Wyatt. I saw where you went to Hobby Lobby. I love to go there and look around when I go to Lexington. They have so much neat stuff in that store! Have a good week.

Margie's Musings said...

Thanks, Judy. You too. Yes, Hobby Lobby is one of my favorite places.

pat m said...

Is that the same William (Bill) on the discussion broard?

Margie's Musings said...

What William (Bill) are you speaking about. Pat?