Monday, February 8, 2010

No Snow Yet

We haven't had that snow that was forecast yet. It was supposed to have begun last night around nine but it's 6:30 AM and we don't have snow yet. I know it's just a matter of time though.

Today we will go out and buy our new hot water tank. Bobby will use his truck to go pick it up. Bill said he would come down and help install it as soon as Bobby got it here. First Bob will have to drain the tank. So I am getting my laundry done early this morning to be prepared to be without water for awhile.

Always something. I had just got the money saved for the second half of our taxes and the house insurance and now this. I may have to transfer some money from our meager IRA. We'll see.

I will clean house today. The kitchen is pretty dirty. Slinky has been in and out dozens of times and he and Missy, the cat, drag leaves, etc in on their feet coming in and and out. Animals!

Bob will be busy today so I will vacuum for myself.

This will be a busy day. If I can get to Independence this week, I have two meetings there. MC3 meets tomorrow and the IMA meets on Wednesday. It depends on the snow. I am secretary for the MC3 so unless they cancel or reschedule, I must go.

Update: So far, no snow! There has just been rain! Bobby and a friend of his spent three hours installing our new water tank but it works and we had the best news! We bought it at Kansas Lumber and they delivered They were the second lowest price and the tank is a superior tank. So the entire cost will be $339.95. Some things work out anyhow. I went out and brought in a large pizza and soda for the three of them. That's the least we could do for them.


Anonymous said...

Hi Margie, Sorry to hear the sleeve is not working for your hubby and about the hot water tank, too. I had to buy a new one this past summer. Mine was leaking, too. I got one at Lowe's and they installed it. The guy had it in and the old one out in 15 minutes. They also took the old one away. I still had to have it inspected though. In Ky. they have to be inspected once they are installed. I guess if you do it yourself you wouldn't have to do that but if you moved then it would have to be done here. Hope it all works out for you. I am sending good thoughts your way. We have snow coming tonight again. So sick of winter.

Anonymous said...
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Margie's Musings said...

Me too, Judy. The lumber yard delivered the tank and two of Bob's friends are trying to help him install it. They cut two copper pipes loose from the old tank where it had been soldered and now the two pipes are too short to re-attach to the new tank. So they have gone to Ace hardware for fittings.