Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Month Today

Today, it has been a month since Bob died. It seems in many ways, much longer. And then, of course, I still haven't seemed to come to the realization that he is gone for good. I met Susie yesterday and she told me it was the same for Fred. He lasted six weeks. Bob only lasted eight days....amazing. Of course, he had the lymphedemia since November. We just did not know it was cancer until the week before he went down.

Today I get the carpets in my bedrooms cleaned. We have been in this house seven years and the carpets have never been cleaned. They really need it. So at 11:00 this morning, the carpet cleaning man will come and clean them. I am excited about that. I will possibly sleep on the sofa tonight if they are still damp. I hate getting them wet but there appears to be no other method available around here.

I will go up to the radio station this morning early and pick up the check from John Leonard for the Bowl for Life tomorrow evening. The Radio Results Group will do a half sponsorship of one of the lanes.

Scott called awhile ago and he will be here tomorrow evening. I will be at the Bowl for Life but he can come on in and make himself at home.

More later on...

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