Saturday, July 31, 2010

Garage sales

I am going to do garage sales today. There aren't many, it's the end of the month and people have yet to be paid. I find the best ones are after the first of the month.

I have yet to feed the animals and water the plants. I will also take Slinky for his walk first.

I talked to my brother-in-law last evening and it doesn't appear they will take Phyllis back to Windsor Place before Monday. he may lose his room there for her. They only save it for twenty four hours. It has now been forty eight. After that, if they save it, he will have to pay for it....not Medicare.

I will get back to this after awhile. Right now I will go feed the animals, etc.

I went to four or five garage sales but there was nothing of interest. I need to pick up my prescription after nine so I guess I'll just stay here and wait until then. I also want to deposit a check from my older son. I think the bank here is open until noon.

I went to garage sales in Independence and then on to Leslie's house. John had to work late this evening so she wanted to go to a movie in Bartlesville so she and I went and met Jeff and Cyndi there too.

Afterward we went to a Wings place there in the mall and enjoyed some wings. We had a good time. I got home way to later to feed the animals. It's after nine. They will just have to wait until morning. We saw "Inception". I think that was the name of that Sci Fie movie. It was interesting.

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