Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another Sleepless Night

I have been having trouble sleeping lately. I guess ever since Bob died. I have some sleeping meds but hesitate to take them unless I'm sleepless three night in a row. This was only the first night this time.

On top of everything else, my friend Bob H from Vinita died on Tuesday. They are having a Memorial Service Friday from 5:30 till 7:30 at Vinita at the church. He was pastor there. I plan to attend. Hopefully, Leslie will work something out at work and go with me. They are planning a Celebration of Life like we had for my Bob in June.

Today I will visit my sister at Windsor and then have lunch with my grandson again. He contacted me yesterday evening.

I went to the library yesterday and got another book. I read most of the day since it was over 102 degrees here. I had Slinky in all afternoon. He is happiest when he can see me reading in the dining room and he doesn't feel alone. I finished the book last night and will return it today.

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