Friday, August 13, 2010

Celebration of Life

This evening I will drive to Vinita for the Celebration of Life the family will holding for their husband and father. They really liked what we did for our Bob so I expect it to be a similar service. He was a very dear long term friend. It's about 50 miles east of here. I will leave about 4:00. I want to be sure I can find the church with plenty of time. The service starts at 5:30 - 7:30. I hope to get back home before dark.

I took Slinky for his walk this morning. He was happy about that. We went about 6:30. It's about 90 degrees already and it's only 10:00. It's supposed to be 103 today with a heat index of 111.

I just went out back for about 30 minutes to pull weeds from one flowerbed and came in soaking wet. I will cool down and do the rest earlier tomorrow morning.

Not much going on the rest of the day.

More later...

I read all afternoon and when it came time to leave and go to Vinita, it was 104 outside. I really hated to leave Slinky out all afternoon. When I got home at 8:15, he was panting terribly. I brought him in the house to cool down and wanted to leave him in tonight since it is still 100 degrees out there at 9:40. But he wants to go out. At last he did an hour ago.

The family meeting was very nice. I guess they are have the actual Celebration of Life on September 5th at the campgrounds. This was just a get together with refreshments. I will wait a few weeks and then call and invite Myra to lunch. She and I now have a lot in common. She wants me to come have lunch with her.

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