Monday, November 29, 2010

Scott's Birthday

We did the Hanging of the Greens yesterday at church. This is a series of photos that I took afterward. The tree in the foyer is the one I decorated with Keith's help.

This is Scott's birthday. He has received the birthday cards Leslie and I sent to him but didn't get his box until today...his birthday. That worked out well. He just called a little while ago to tell me. He and his girlfriend have made up. That's good. She will be going over there in December to stay a month.

Not much going on today so I will get my Christmas tree out and get it decorated. That's always a mess but it stays up all month. I want to get the fall decoration put away. I will take some photos after I'm finished and post them tomorrow.

I watched TV last night. There wasn't much on after 60 Minutes but some music shows on PBS. I did watch a special with Peter and Paul of Peter, Paul and Mary fame. Mary Travers died last summer. Mary Chaffin Carpenter sang her songs.

I notice my left eye, the one I have been putting steroid drops in to stop it from tearing, is getting sore. I think I will taper out of that stuff before it really gets sore. I was supposed to use it four drops a day for three weeks, three drops a day for one week, 2 times a day for one week and 1 time a day for one week. But it costs $87 a bottle the the bottles are very tiny. I don't believe there is much left in the bottle and I really can't afford the stuff. What a mess. I hesitate to have the left eyelid done because the right one will then look strange since it droops too. It doesn't bother my vision though so doesn't qualify for Medicare payment.

I imagine Keith got home alright. He called three times yesterday but didn't call when he got back there. That was an 18 hour drive.

More later...


Anonymous said...

Hi Margie, I hope your eye feels better. I got out my Christmas stuff, too. I don't put up a tree but I do put out decorations and such. I got some kind of stomach virus on Saturday and have been sick for two days but feel much better today. Must have been some kind of 24 hour thing. Glad Scott had a good birthday. You have a good week.

Margie's Musings said...

Thanks, Judy. I'm sorry you've been sick.