Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Again

It's Sunday again and we have the "Hanging of the Greens" service this morning. Bob A. wil pick me up for church. He says no sense taking two cars to the same place.

Christina and her boyfriend and Mia came last night about 6:30. I was exhausted. We had hung around all afternoon thinking they might come earlier. I raked leaves and got the yard about half finished. We ate around 5:00 and the only thing I had to offer them to eat was some chili I had thawed out. They didn't want that. They went out to Wal Mart to look for Christina a birthday present and I got the room ready for them while they were gone. Keith called to say he had put them up in a motel and not to bother. Mia was wound up tighter then a nine day clock and would not settle down. Keith was going to leave at 3:00 this morning for his 18 hour drive back to Phoenix. The dog was in the kitchen and Missy, the cat, was in the house and hates everyone but me and she doesn't like me much. I had no patience to deal with a wild four year old. So they thought the motel would be better for all.

Keith did leave at 2:45. We had had a great visit while he was here. He says he will fly back in the spring. He called about 45 minutes later. When he got to Caney's four corners, he found a upside down car with a woman and a small dog inside. They both appeared to be all right but the car was totaled. He did not want to move her...just in case...but he called 911 and stayed with her until the police said he was free to leave. What a mess. He called to tell me all about it.

I got a Happy Birthday wish from Scott this morning on e-mail. He seems to be doing all right although his girl friend is mad at him right now. He is staying bury seeing the countryside.

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