Saturday, December 4, 2010

Another Big Expense

I don't know what the new struts for my car will cost but I will also have to buy at least two new tires too. The struts have ruined the left front and rear tires and it remains to be seen what the other two will look like when I can get the car in to Gary to be checked. He had closed early last evening so it will be Monday before I can even get an appointment.

Those tires were only one year old.

This seems to be the year of catastrophe for me. First Bob got the lympedemia in his left arm, then a new hot water tank, then a new thermostat for the furnace/AC, then a new wiring board for it. Then Bob got acutely ill and died. Then there was a new part that makes the furnace start.

There was a hiatus then for a couple of months. Then the eyelid began to droop.

Then, in my ignorance I backed into my neighbor's framework for her gas meter on Thanksgiving Day. Now the struts are out on the car and have ruined at least two tires. I wonder what's next?

I will still go to Independence this morning to the Arts and Crafts Fair.

More later...

Leslie and I hit all the Arts and Crafts places(3)and then decided to go on to Neodesha and Chanute where they have great gift shops. We browsed at all of them and Leslie bought a few things to finish decorating her house. I will try to remember to take my camera Monday when I clean and take some photos. She is going to have her cookie exchange again this year in a couple of weeks. That is always fun.

I bought lunch and then we came back to Independence and went to Wal Mart where she scanned some photos she will use in the baptismal service tomorrow. She bought a few groceries and then I took her home. John had her car and son, Jeromy, had his truck for cutting wood and carting home some trees to plant from Bartlesville.

It was a fun day.

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