Thursday, December 2, 2010

Really Busy Thursday

This has been a really busy day. I got up early...the animals were ready for breakfast. I dressed and left for South Coffeyville to be sure the Woodshed was not charging me for gas I didn't get. I tried to get gas there yesterday and the pump wouldn't work. It did take my debit card though. I went in and complained about it and they told me it didn't charge anything but this morning I noticed it did charge $1.00 each time I tried to use the pump. I talked to the manager and she assured me it would be off my bank's website by tomorrow.

Then I went to Independence. Juanita wanted to take me to breakfast and needed me to take her to the bank and to get milk before I went to have my hair done. After I dropped her off at home, I got my hair done and then came on home to prepare to go to Windsor Place for the CMA meeting. Again, I did not find time to go see Phyllis. I will get out there tomorrow.

After the meeting, I came home and did my minutes. Then I packaged up the grandchildren's Christmas stockings and went to the post office to mail them off. They all seemed to want them. Sara and Christina wanted theirs and I sent Ashley and Jerod's to Scott, their father. I took Jeromy's to Leslie yesterday at lunch. I sent each of them a neat book in with the stockings.

It's 4:15 now and Bob A. will be back to pick me up at 5:00. We are going to dinner with Leslie and John, Jeromy and Marlene and Maia in Independence to celebrate my birthday.

It has been a good day. Even the Ministerial Alliance sang Happy Birthday to me and dozens of friends e-mailed me cards and greetings. I guess being 75 is not that bad.

Tomorrow should be quiet. I hope...


clairz said...

Happy Birthday, Margie! Everyone should have your energy at 75!

Betty said...

I'm singing Happy Birthday To You, too. It's probably just as well you can't hear me. lol Hope you had a fine day.

Margie's Musings said...

Thanks, friends. It was a great day. It was just strange without Bob.