Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wichita Doctor's Appointment

We are back from Wichita. My brother-in-law went with me. I had to bring someone just in case they dilated my eyes. We stopped and ate lunch at Olive Garden. We got back at 4:00PM and left here this morning at 7:00 AM. We had a huge day in Wichita and found out many things we did not know. One was that my white jacket syndrome evidently kicked in or the stress from the last six months did. My blood pressure was 180/112. (Stroke City). My normal blood pressure is 129/72. I have an appointment with Dr. Melissa to have that checked out. Plus Dr. Amstutz cannot do both of my eyes at once because the right one is not bad enough and the vision in it is not impaired from the eye lid droop. Medicare would not pay for the right eye at this time. When and if it gets as bad as the left eye, then he will do the right eye. I would have to pay for the right eye now out of my own pocket (around $2,000). So he will do only the left which vision is impaired.

But Dr. Melissa will need to sign a paper saying my blood pressure is up because of the white jacket syndrome... or, if it is not that, she will have to check my blood pressure under ordinary circumstances and if it is that high then, get me on blood pressure meds.. Then she will have to sign a form to say it is regulated and fax it back to them before they will do the surgery. My appointment for the surgery is January 5th at 12:00 noon check in time. My appointment with Dr. Melissa is this Tuesday at 9:00 AM.

So, disturbing news if my blood pressure has been that high this year since Bob died.

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