Saturday, November 20, 2010

Darned Doctors!

I got up fairly early this morning and fed the animals and put the drops in my eye. Those drops turned out to cost ninety some dollars. I hope they work. These doctors come up with these experiments and half the time it's for nothing.

My brother-in-law called last night to say they were going to take Phyllis in for a CT scan as soon as they can get her an appointment at the hospital. Now what for??? Alzheimers is incurable and she certainly isn't going to get any better and there isn't any treatment for it. It will just upset her terribly. The last time they took her back from the hospital she was terrified of the lift from the van. I don't see any reason to put her through that just to satisfy a doctor's professional curiosity....and to make him and the hospital some money. Maybe I'm callous but I don't see any sense in it. Every time she goes to the hospital and back to Windsor afterward, she gets a lot worse. It's just too hard on her. My brother-in-law is going to try to reach her doctor this morning and find out his reasoning for doing that.

He called again this morning and we went to Eggberts and had breakfast. He will call me if he learns anything from the doctor. She was very upset yesterday and cried when he left without taking her home with him. I feel so terrible for them both.

I have an appointment Tuesday with my doctor. I need to find out if my high blood pressure is just a fluke or if I need to take medication to lower it. I took it again on Thursday at Wal Mart and it was still 172/100. This year may have just been too stressful for me. No sense having a stroke if it can be controlled.


marlu said...

I hope your brother-in-law can "put his foot down" and refuse the CT scan. I agree with you that there is no point in doing it and especially since it upsets her.

There needs to be a limit. That's why I have a living will.

Balisha said...

I think that the doctors do every test there is to avoid being sued after a person dies. I cure for alzheimers and those who suffer this tragic disease frighten so easily.I hope your BP straightens've had a very busy stressful year my friend. It's time to take care of Margie...Balisha

Anonymous said...

I agree with you completely about doctors, Margie. They drive me crazy just thinking about some of the stuff they do. I don't have high blood pressure at all but every time I go into a doctor's office it shoots way up and they try to put me on medicine. I know it is because of the way I feel about doctors! They say I have white coat syndrome. lol. I feel so sorry for your sister and hope they don't do that to her. Your year has been so stressful. I hope your blood pressure comes down, too.

Margie's Musings said...

Thanks for all the support, friends. Even though I have never met any of you, you all seem like close friends.

Freda said...

As someone who suffers from high blood pressure and TIAs (mini-strokes) I hope you get medication soon. But be careful to get tablets that suit you, some of them have way too many side effects. Here in the UK it seems to be cheapest is what is usually recommended, I suspect you will be able to have more choice. Btw the scan nonsense is just that. I hope it is sorted out by now.