Sunday, December 12, 2010

A New Day

Saturday was a fun day....a different day. I asked my brother-in-law if he would like to go to Bartlesville with me and he accepted. He wanted to buy another new long sleeved shirt while they were on sale and I needed to get make up and mascara. So he called Windsor Place to see how my sister got through the night and was told she was eating her breakfast and doing fine (as fine as anyone can be who has Alzheimer's Disease) We left about 9:30. We shopped all over the mall and he got his shirt. Then we went to the Merle Norman studio and I got my make up. They were out of my mascara. I'll get that later in Independence.

Anyhow, from there we went to all the "fancy" Christmas stores in Bartlesville and walked around and admired everything. Didn't buy a thing. Finally we went out to Radar Hill and went through the candle factory and gift shop there. Again, we only looked. At last, we went to a Mexican restaurant and ate a very good lunch. He insisted that he buy my lunch. That was nice of him. We had a good time. Both of us must have needed the outing. I know I did. I would have gone alone if he wouldn't have come but he needs to get away from time to time too. I was very tired when we got home. We had done a lot of walking...which was good for both of us.

In this kind of weather I don't get enough exercise. It was terribly windy yesterday and I believe it is today too. I can't walk Slinky when it's so nasty cold and windy and he needs the exercise too. He will be 13 this coming year and most Shar Pei dogs only live 7 - 9 years. He has lived much longer.

I will go to church this morning. And I will put Slinky in the garage. I am teaching the church school class and Leslie has the sermon this morning. After church, we will probably go somewhere to eat out. Several of us do that most Sundays. I always look forward to the fellowship.

This afternoon, Denise and Bob and I will attend the Alzheimer's support group at Windsor. Bob says they share a lot of information about Alzheimer's Disease. So it will be good for me to go. I can do my letters later on this evening after that.

So, another day, another day passed. I try to make the most of each one.

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