Monday, December 13, 2010

Very Cold Monday

It's very cold today in southeast Kansas. It's 12 degrees. I was going to go clean my daughter's house but I also have a board meeting in Independence at 4:00 and I don't think I could mess around after lunch for 3 hours in this cold. She called and told me to just wait and come out on Saturday and help her get the house ready for the cookie exchange on Sunday afternoon. So I decided to do that. I will stay in today until I have to get out for that 4:00 board meeting.

Slinky is staying in too. He has been out several times this morning but he comes right back in. He will have to go to the garage at 3:30 while I am gone to Independence.

I will bake cookies today. This will be a good day to heat up the oven and the kitchen.

Tomorrow, unless she calls it off, I will meet Gay for lunch in Cherryvale and then go uptown here at 6:30 and give the invocation for the city commission meeting. (This meeting was canceled and I am glad.)

Wednesday I will go out to church and pick up the gifts for our adopted family and take them to the Salvation Army to be given to the family. I have chaplain duty starting Wednesday too.

Then Thursday, I take my car in for the new struts. It will probably be there all day.

Friday I am free except for the chaplain duty.

Now on Saturday, I will go help Leslie clean house.

Next Monday I check in with the hospital again for the chaplain duty again and of course, I am on call all week until Wednesday the 22nd.


Anonymous said...

Hi Margie, I baked cookies all week last week and am tired of baking cookies! lol. I am glad you got out with your brother-in-law and had a good time. Slinky is one smart doggie. He knows it is too cold to be outside. Your weather is about like ours. We had 3 inches of snow last night and very cold. Have a good week.

Margie's Musings said...

Thanks, Judy. We are forecast for snow the end of the week. I hope they're wrong.