Friday, February 11, 2011

Finally Friday!

It's finally Friday and I am hoping the snow will begin to melt. It's only 5 degrees right now at 6:00AM but it was -21 yesterday morning so that's a vast improvement.

Our Valentine dinner is tomorrow evening in Independence and three of us plan to go together. My brother-in-law will drive and Phyllis F. and I will go along. Neither Phyllis F. or I are crazy about driving at night and especially up 10th Street road. It's treacherous! I hope it's clear by then.

I was going to get all comfy and watch TV last night. I got into the recliner and covered with a throw and about 7:00 my first program came on. I awoke at 8:30. Then I just went to bed. I awoke very early this morning at 3:00 something. I finally got back to sleep off and on but I figure I went to sleep way too early last night. I finally got up at 5:00, which is my regular time to get up. I fed Slinky and Missy and let Slinky out to go poo. He came right back in, needless to say. He didn't fool around out there long.

I hope to be able to hold church on Sunday. If the snow doesn't melt by then, maybe my son-in-law will come back with his tractor and scrape it again. I'll wait to see.

Monday, for the third time, I have an appointment with SER SCSEP the state senior employment group. Amie will meet me at the library here at 9:00AM. I think I will not qualify this year because they will use last year's income and Bob was alive through most of May and my income would not qualify then. I'll check it out though. Next year, if I can make it financially until then, I will qualify. Then Monday at 11:15, we will have the Red Dress "dinner with the doctor" at CRMC. Cyndi wants to go to that. Then Monday afternoon at 4:00, we will finally have the clinic board meeting in Independence. It's been postponed twice because of snow. It will be a busy day.

Tuesday is clear. No appointments.

I would like to have my hair done Wednesday morning. Wednesday at 11:15 I have IMA back in Independence and later that evening the PINCH meeting.

That's all I have scheduled for next week but I'm sure something will come up.

It's supposed to get up to 37 today, 44 tomorrow, 50 on Sunday and 52 on Monday. Then on Tuesday, it's supposed to be 58 degrees. Can I even begin to hope? I will actually be able to take Slinky for a walk.

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